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GLOBAL CIVICS ACADEMY offers a new online course on GLOBAL CIVICS

Global Civics Academy is a new online academy founded by Hakan Altinay, and made possible through funding by Stiftung Mercator. The Academy is a member of the United Nations Academic Impact. Sergei Guriev (Former President of the New Economics School in Moscow), Dingli Shen (Dean at Fudan University in Shanghai) and Kathryn Sikkink of Harvard University are Board members of the Global Civics Academy.

Global Civics Academy offers an online course on Global Civics. The course covers issues ranging from climate change to pandemics. Students will examine which centripetal forces are pushing us together, and how they can be managed. The course will survey our options to manage increasing global interdependence, and will provide the tools for each student to develop their own version of global civics.

Lecturers include Hakan Altinay of the Brookings Institution; Amar Bhattacharya of G24; Gareth Evans of Australian National University; Mark Harrison of University of Oxford; Thaddeus Metz of University of Johannesburg; Branko Milanovic of the World Bank, Luis Moreno Ocampo of New York University; Dani Rodrik of the Institute for Advanced Studies; Mohamed Razeen Sally of National University of Singapore; Hans Joachim Schellnhuber of Potsdam Institute; Dingli Shen of Fudan University; Javier Solana of ESADE; and Ethan Zuckerman of MIT.

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